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Sports and aquariums are only a couple of the fascinating activities to try in Florida.


See Florida's best ocean view.
Grab a friend with a car and take a road trip you won't soon forget. Seven Mile Bridge takes you down Route 1 from Marathon into the Florida Keys. Head south, and you can say you've crossed one of the world's longest bridges, and been as far south as you can get in the United States.
Chill out at a hockey game.
You wouldn't think there would be much ice hockey in the Sunshine State, but Florida is home to two National Hockey League Teams, the Florida Panthers (Miami) and the Tampa Bay Lightning. In the northwest part of the state, you can cheer on the Pensacola Ice Flyers, a minor league professional team with less expensive ticket prices.
Attend the Florida Strawberry Festival
For years the Florida Strawberry Festival has offered live music entertainment and a taste of summer all winter long with delicious food, fine arts and crafts. The festival includes parades, marching bands, social events, contests and more!
Lowe Art Museum
Spend a day exploring the Lowe Art Museum in Miami, Florida. Since 1952 the museum has been the home to 17,500 objects and pieces from Renaissance and Baroque, American, Ancient and Native American, and Asian works of art.
Everglades Alligator Farm
Right next to the Everglades National Park lives more than 2,000 alligators. Glide across the everglade waters on an airboat and if you need more excitement than that, take part in a wildlife show.
Catch a basketball game
If you need to beat the Florida heat, consider getting some basketball tickets to see the Miami Heat or Orlando Magic teams play. If you’d rather watch a college basketball game, the University of Florida is home to the Florida Gators.
Key West Aquarium
Take some time to learn about the aquatic life of the Gulf of Mexico by visiting the Key West Aquarium. You will see everything from sharks and sting rays to hundreds of tropical fish and slow moving turtles.
Go on an outdoor adventure
As tempting as Florida beaches are, there is much more nature and wildlife in Florida to explore. Check out some of the top outdoor adventures available to you in the Sunshine State.
Taste the local seafood
Take advantage of living close to the ocean and try out some of the best seafood dives in Florida. Whether it’s deep-fried, slathered, breaded, buttered or steamed you’re bound to find something you enjoy.
Siesta Key Craft Festival
Over 100 crafters exhibiting their work of photography, paintings, sculptures, jewelry and more will take place for the 23rd year this February in sunny Siesta Key, Florida.

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Explore America’s oldest city
The nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida, was established in 1565, as the first permanent European settlement in the U.S. There’s lots to see and do – from living history museums like the Castillo de San Marcos to swashbuckling adventures and specialized tours in the air, on the sea, and in the heart of the historic district.
Play at the beach
Florida has about 1,350 miles of coastline, much of it lined with sandy beaches. Enjoy a swim, walk, or bicycle ride – along with glorious views of sand and water. Find great beaches near you.
Meet an astronaut
At the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral, you can see a launch pad, get up close to the Space Shuttle Atlantis, and experience a simulated launch. Time your visit to meet an astronaut, or even watch a real rocket launch.
Catch your own meal in St. Joseph Bay
Scallop season starts in July, and there are plenty of places you can catch the edible mollusks by snorkeling in shallow grassy areas. Scalloping is easy for beginners and a fun way to spend the day.
Visit Hollywood on the East Coast
Go behind the scenes, beyond the screen, and jump into the action of your favorite movies at Universal Studios Florida, the country’s top movie- and TV-based theme park, with a working production facility. If you’re a Hogwarts fan, check out the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” and get immersed in a fantasy world.
Get surreal in St. Petersburg
The Dali Museum, housed in an iconic building, contains the most extensive collection of paintings by surrealist Salvador Dali outside of Europe. From here, walk along waterfront parks to explore downtown St. Petersburg.
Attend a Local Festival
As temperatures heat up it’s a great time to get outside and explore the community around you. Check out this list of upcoming Florida festivals. There is everything from outdoor concerts, food trucks, garden shows and craft fairs.
Walk through Miami’s Art Deco district
Just off famed South Beach, you’ll find one of the country’s most impressive collections of beautiful, pastel-colored 1920s and 1930s architecture. Join an official tour with the Miami Design Preservation League, or take this National Geographic tour on your own.
Celebrate the day’s end in Key West
The southernmost city in the U.S. holds a party every evening. During Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square Dock, you’ll find artists, tightrope walkers, fire-eaters, and food carts. As the sun sets into the sea, feel free to join the crowd in cheers and applause for a day well spent.
Volunteer in your local community
Whether you prefer to walk the dogs at an animal shelter, serve food at a soup kitchen, or plant a tree with a conservation group, there are many ways to volunteer in your local community. You’ll find plenty of other opportunities at or Be sure to tag #cieegivingback when you post your photos!

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