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A smart step toward globalizing your workplace

Bringing diverse cultures together adds dynamic energy to a workplace. The international element contributes fresh perspectives to daily office activities, sparking new ideas and ways of doing business.

With CIEE’s Internship USA program, everyone benefits. Highly motivated university students and recent graduates from other countries who train as interns gain firsthand knowledge of American business culture and practices, an important advantage in today’s globally competitive economy. And as a host organization, your team members will get practical insights and international understanding that will give them an edge when doing business in foreign markets.

CIEE handles all the details – seamlessly

As a pioneer and leader in international cultural exchange, CIEE makes it easy to offer internship opportunities to bright, committed young adults through the U.S. Department of State’s J-1 Visa program.

You get the benefits of our decades of experience, extensive global network of international representatives, and highly trained, 24/7 support staff that can handle all aspects of the program transparently and quickly – from application and training plan approval to orientation and the ongoing support of program participants. We know how to help without getting in the way, and we will:

  • Work closely with you to suggest training strategies and help you meet J-1 regulatory requirements
  • Guide you through the specifics of J-1 Visa program administration and remain available for consultation
  • Take full responsibility for the health, safety, and well-being of your interns
  • Provide insurance coverage for your interns, giving you the assurance that their health and well-being are attended to
  • Help your interns have rewarding and fulfilling experiences in the United States, through cultural exchange and networking opportunities
  • Stay in touch with your interns throughout the program, to ensure regulatory compliance and meaningful cultural exchange
  • Be available to serve as a mediator to address any workplace issues that might arise

How the program works

Below is a basic guide to the process of hosting a CIEE-sponsored J-1 international intern. This guide starts at the point when a host organization and applicant have agreed on the internship and are ready to apply for the J-1 Visa program. Please note that certain situations may not follow this exact scenario. If you are in direct contact with your applicant’s CIEE international representative, he or she may give you specific instructions that differ from those below.

CIEE advises applicants to allow at least four to six weeks for the application process from the time they accept an internship. Sometimes, the process can be expedited at an additional cost. For more information, contact your applicant’s CIEE international representative directly.

Step 1 - Applicant Contacts CIEE International Representative
Step 1

Applicant Contacts CIEE International Representative

The applicant contacts a CIEE international representative for application materials and login information to begin the creation of the online Training Plan.

Step 2 - Agree on Training Plan
Step 2

Agree on Training Plan

The host organization and Applicant agree on the content of the Training Plan. Both parties electronically sign the Training Plan.

Step 3 - Application and Training Plan Submitted
Step 3

Application and Training Plan Submitted

The applicant submits complete program application, including the online Training Plan, to his or her international representative.

The applicant or his or her international representative may contact you at this stage if he or she needs additional information.

Step 4 - Application Reviewed at CIEE Headquarters
Step 4

Application Reviewed at CIEE Headquarters

The international representative sends the complete application to CIEE headquarters for review.

CIEE may contact you at this stage to confirm the details of the training.

Step 5 - CIEE Approves or Denies the Application
Step 5

CIEE Approves Application


CIEE Denies Application

While CIEE always looks to approve applications, we will objectively review the application to ensure it meets the J-1 Intern/Trainee program regulations.

Step 6 - Applicant Receives DS-2019 and Applies for J-1 Visa Interview
Step 6

Applicant Receives DS-2019 and Applies for J-1 Visa Interview

The applicant receives Form DS-2019 from his or her international representative and schedules an interview for the J-1 Visa with his or her local U.S. Embassy/Consulate.

Step 7 - Applicant Receives J-1 Visa or Visa is Denied
Step 7

Applicant Receives J-1 Visa

The applicant receives his or her J-1 Visa and is ready to begin his or her training in the United States!


Applicant's Visa is Denied

Because of the rigorous CIEE application process, careful vetting of Training Plans, and thorough preparation of our applicants, most applicants will be granted visas. However, CIEE has no control over the Embassy/Consulate's decision to approve or deny an applicant's visa application.

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