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Encourage cultural exchange!

Personal exploration is an important part of professional cultural exchange, and most host organizations encourage travel by being flexible about time off during the program. You might also share recommendations for places to go and things to do; our country has many hidden gems that tourists rarely discover!

CIEE can help too

CIEE supports host organizations in creating cultural-exchange opportunities for their interns and, as a result, for their American staff members, too. We offer education, tips, and guidance on hosting, as well as ideas on how professional and cultural exchange can be used to benefit the organization.

Of course, if you’re looking for suggestions about how the host organization can enrich the cross-cultural experience for interns and U.S. colleagues alike, we’re always just a phone call away at 1-888-268-6245.

Resources to encourage cultural engagement

CIEE provides a wealth of information to encourage interns to fully experience American culture. We also organize special events, exclusive to CIEE, to encourage cultural and professional exchange.

Culture Guide USA

This monthly email helps participants learn more about American culture and traditions, and it includes includes interesting facts about everything from holidays to government, as well as information about beautiful places like our national parks. Learn more.

Social media

We encourage participants to get social and tell the world about their experiences.

  • Facebook page
    • Our CIEE J-1 Professional Exchange Programs Facebook page is a great place to find internship opportunities, share stories and pictures, and connect with other interns and trainees. We also sponsor contests that make sharing well worth it!
  • Facebook group
    • Our private CIEE Internship USA Facebook group offers a place for current and past CIEE interns to get to know one another, and connect with other interns in their area.

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