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General training plan guidelines for all industries

The training plan is a highly specific document. Every host organization, regardless of industry, must follow precise guidelines about program goals, training conditions, tasks, and supervision. Here are the basic guidelines:

  • Training plans must be specific to the individual, with appropriate goals, knowledge, and methods of supervision and evaluation
  • Training must include a minimum of 32 hours per week; there must be supervision for the duration of the program, and this requirement should be clearly stated in the Training Plan
  • Each participant must have his or her own workspace; to ensure proper supervision and development, participants are not allowed to train in home offices where there is no clear separation between the living space and the workspace
  • The program requires interaction with American colleagues in English-speaking settings; it also must facilitate cultural exchange outside of the workplace
  • Training plans must have an adequate number of phases, determined by the program’s length, to ensure a good progression of skill development
  • To promote the development of useful career skills, clerical, administrative, or menial tasks and responsibilities should account for no more than 20% of the training
  • Each host organization must have an active workers’ compensation insurance policy that provides coverage for the participant, or a certificate of exemption from the state insurance board or an insurance broker
  • Interns may not conduct and/or publish independent research
  • Interns may not train other interns or staff members from the host organization

Please note that some industries have additional guidelines or limitations. If you have questions, please call CIEE at 1-888-369-1620, or send us an email.

Download an instructional DS-7002

Please note that this instructional DS-7002 download is meant to serve as a guideline and does not take the place of completing the DS-7002 in our online portal.

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