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Have a Great Interview

Congratulations! You’ve received a positive reply for the position you want. Are you ready to meet your prospective host organization? Whether this will be a telephone conversation, a Skype or FaceTime interview, or an in-person meeting, it’s important to be well prepared.

Preparing for the interview

Learn about the company beforehand

Before the interview, learn all you can about the organization, its markets, and its customers by looking at the company’s website, reading its brochures and annual reports, finding out who its main competitors are, and trying to get a sense of the company’s culture. Go into your interview well-informed, and ask specific questions about the position. Your interviewer will notice that you’ve done your homework!

Be clear about your career goals

Communicate your interest in advancing your career. Your clear commitment to growing professionally, engaging in cultural exchange, and building global skills will make a good impression.

Don’t forget to mention you will be sponsored by CIEE, and that we’ll be helping you handle program details like your J-1 Visa and health insurance. Invite your interviewer to contact CIEE for more information about the program.

Send a thank-you note

After the interview, send a brief thank-you note. In addition to being common courtesy, this will help to reinforce your interest in the position. If you don’t hear from the host organization within a reasonable amount of time, it’s perfectly OK to follow up again.

The interview went well! What's next?

A celebration is in order! You’ve been offered an internship. Now it’s time to finish the process — apply for the J-1 program, put together a training plan, get your visa, and prepare to leave for the United States. You’re going to be busy!

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