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Getting Here

The adventure begins!

The search is over! You’ve found your internship, and CIEE has accepted your training plan. This is an exciting time, as you look forward to the adventure of experiencing a new culture, meeting new people, finding your way around, and becoming part of a new community.

But there’s still some important work to be done. You’re going to be living in a new country for an extended period – as long as 12 months – and you’ll want to be as well prepared and well-informed as possible.

For starters, stay in touch with your CIEE international representative throughout your preparation process. He or she can help with advice, answers, and support. And if your plans or travel dates change, make sure to let your international representative know; it’s not possible to change paperwork or program dates after you’ve arrived in the United States.

CIEE Online Orientation

Before you leave your home country, you must complete a CIEE Online Orientation. The online orientation takes about 60 minutes and offers useful advice about:

  • Traveling to America
  • Making the most of your time in the United States
  • Important program rules and regulations

You can complete the orientation at any time after you receive your DS-2019 form (authorizing you to train in the U.S.), but you must complete it before you travel to the United States. CIEE will send you a reminder and instructions for logging on 30 days before your departure. Before logging on, make sure you have high-speed internet access and that any pop-up blockers are disabled.

Viewing the CIEE Online Orientation

If you have any problems logging in or viewing the presentation, please contact your CIEE international representative for assistance. Remember, you must complete the entire orientation before you travel to the United States to begin your program.

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