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Getting medical attention

In the United States, there are hospitals with emergency rooms for serious illness and injuries, immediate-care clinics (also called “walk-in” or “urgent care” clinics) for smaller problems, as well as private physicians.

The quickest and most convenient way to get medical treatment for nonemergency situations is to go to a walk-in clinic or urgent care center. These facilities offer:

  • Convenient weekend and evening hours
  • Shorter waiting times than an emergency room
  • Lower costs
  • No need for an appointment for a doctor to see you

We can help you find a doctor

Just call CIEE at 1-888-268-6245, or email us at You can also go to the CIEE insurance website and use our "doctor finder" tool.

In case of emergency

If you have a serious emergency and need assistance right away from the police or an ambulance, dial 911 from any telephone. Only use this number in a true emergency, if you feel your life is in danger!

  • Emergency rooms and hospitals are for life-threatening situations. If you’re able, go immediately to the closest hospital, and contact CIEE as soon as possible. Note that if you go to the emergency room for a nonemergency, you most likely will have to wait several hours to be seen and could incur substantial costs.
  • Ambulances are for serious medical emergencies only. If you need to go to the hospital or clinic but your situation is not life-threatening, take transportation such as a cab, a bus, or the subway, or ask a friend to drive you.

Prescription medications

If you currently take medication, bring enough to last the duration of your internship. Medications should be properly packaged and labeled before leaving your home country.

Please check with your local embassy about any specific documents you may need to enter the United States with this medication.

If you lose or run out of your medication, you’ll have to visit a U.S. doctor. Your prescription from home will not be valid in the United States. If you need medicine after you arrive in the United States, contact CIEE for additional assistance.

Dental care

Your policy has limited dental coverage. CIEE recommends seeing a dentist before leaving your home country. For complete dental coverage information, visit the CIEE insurance website.

Mental health

If you require counseling or the services of a psychiatrist, call CIEE at 1-888-268-6245.

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